SASS Premier Scoring & Match Management System



5 Dogs Creek

Alaska 49ers

Alberta Frontier Shootiets
Alessadro Pietta (Italy)
Allen Kuss
Atanta Cattle Company
AWS (Cech Republic)

Northwest Colorado Rangers 

Bar-E Ranch

Bayou Bounty Hunters

Ben Garrett
Big Irons (Guns of August)
Black River Bandits
Black River regulators
Boot Hill Regulators

Border Maravdcns

Border Town Inc
Border Vigilantes
Briggsdale County Shootists
Buccaneer Ranger Regulators
Buffalo Range Riders
Butterfield Trail Regulators
Canadian River Regulators
Capital City Cowboys
Carolina Roughriders
Carolina SASS (Thornfield Rangers)
Castle Peak Wildshots
Cedar Valley Vigilantes
Cherokee Cowboys
Cheyenne Regulators
Chisum Cowboys
Chorro Valley Regulators
City of Grand Island
Comanche Trail Shootists
Comanche Valley Vigilante

Concho Valley Shooters

Coulter's Hell Justice Committee
Cowboy Action Shooting France
Cross Creek Cowboys
CT Valley Bushwackers
Cutter's Raiders
Cypress Creek Cowboys
SSAA Western Action Australia AUS
Damascus Wildlife Rangers
Dan Barber
Daniel S. Thole
Danvers Desperados
David R. Palmateer
Deer Creek Regulators
Diamond Mountain Rustlers
Doc Holiday's Immortals
Double R Bar Regulators
Dulzura Desperados
Eas'Dem Shore Renegades
Easton Fish & Game Association
El Posse Grande
Eldorado Cowboys
Elstonville Hombres
Fort Bridger Western Action Shooting
Fort Dalles Defenders
Fort Halleck Volunteers
Free State Rangers
G. Dwayne Ence
Gary Simon
Golden Heart Shootist Society

Goodguys Posse

Ghost Town Gunslingers
Graham Wallen Saunders
Grand Island Rifle Club Flat Water Shootists
Green River Gunslingers
Greenville Gun Fighters
Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association
Hangman (New Zealand)
Heffley Creek Gun Club
Hernando County Regulators
Hidden Valley Cowboys

High Lonesome Drifters

High Plains Drifters
Hodag County Cowboys
Horse Ridige Pistoleros
Irene E. Peoble
Jack Little
James A. Sharrow
Jason Robinson
Jeff Alexander
Jefferson Outlaws
Joan Bailey

Jody L. Snyder

Jonathon Nuckles
Kaskaskia Cowboys
Kaycee McCaylum
Kings River Regulators
Kalamath Cowboys
Lassen Regulators
Lapeer County Sportsman's Club
Last Frontier Shooting Club (Austriala)
Lillie Siane Tucker
Lincoln County Regulators
Little River Raiders (Austriala)
Lost River Cowboys
Lone Star Frontier Shooting Club

Magdalena Trail Drivers

Maui Marshals
Melbourne Internationsl Shooting club
Memphis Gunslingers
Merlin Marauders
Merrimack Valley Marauders
Mica Peak Marshals
Mima Marauders
Mississippi Peacemakers
Molalla River Rangers
Moniteau Creek River Raiders
Mule Camp Cowboys
N.E.W. Regulators
Nancy N. Seelow
Nashoba Valley Regulators
Nevada Rangers
New England Cowboy Action Society
North Alabama Regulators
North Carolina Cowboys, Inc
North East Cowboy Action Shooters
North Porter County Conversation Club
Northwest Colorado Rangers
Oconomowoc Cattlemens Assoc
Oklahoma Territorial Marshals
Old Fort Parker Patriots
Old North State Posse
Oregon Old West Shooting Society
Oregon Trail Rough Riders
Orygun Cowboys

Oregon Trail Regulators

Pahrump Cowboy Shooters Assoc

Palmetto Posse

Palmetto Gun Club
Pawnee Station
Pelham Fish & Game Club
Pemi Valley Peacemakers
Perry Miller
Picacho Posse
Piedmont Regulators
Pine Mountain Posse
Pistol New Zealand
Platte Valley Gunslingers
Plum Creek Carriage & Shooting society
Plunge Creek Cowboys
Poulsbo Pistoleros
Powder Creek Cowboys
Purdue Mountain Marshals
Purgatory Ridge Rough Riders
Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers
Renton Fish and Game Club, Inc
Richmond Roughriders
Rifle Creek Rangers
Rio Grand Renegades
Ritchie B. Sieveke
River Bend Rough Riders
Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club
Robbers Roost Vigilantes
Roger McMullen
San Antonio Rough Riders
San Juan Rangers
SASH Single Action Shootiest (Hawaii)
Seven Rivers Regulators
Shasta Regulators
SSAA Single Action Shooting Australia
Silver Queen Mine Regulators
Siuslaw River Rangers
Snake River Clay
Tater Hill Gunfighters
Texas High Plains Drifters
Texas Peacemakers
Texas Troublemakers
Texican Rangers
The Boot Hill Gang
The Castle Gate Posse
The Coal Creek Cowboys
The Cowboys
The Devil Swamp Gang
The Miami Valley Cowboys
The Oakwood Outlaws
The Over the Hill Gang
The Renegades
The Stateline Ridgerunners
Thomas Edward Humme
Thornfield Rangers
Thunder Mountain Shootists
Thurmont Conservation & Sportsmans Club
Tin Star Ranch
Tioga County Cowboys
Tres Rios Bandidos
Tulsey Town Cattlemans Assocation
Two Rivers Posse
TX Historical Shootist
Umqua Regulators
Up the Creek Gang
Utah War
Vicki Fogtieno Hodag Sports Club
Wahsatch Desperadoes
Wartrace Regulators
Wild West Arms
Wildcat Valley Cowboys
Windygap Regulators
Winter Range

Wisconsin Old West Shootists

Wisconsin Peacekeepers
Wolverton Mountain Peacekeepers
Yuma Match Masters
Zen Shootist

Mounted Clubs

Broken Spoke Mounted Posse
Buffalo Range Riders

California Range Riders

Cowboy Legends Mounted Shooting Assoc
Coyote Valley Regulators
Florida Outlaws
Ghost Town Riders
Las Vegas Mounted Shooting
Lone Pine Rangers
Midwest Rangers, Inc
New Hampshire Mounted Shooters
Oklahoma Gunslingers
Pecos Valley Pistoleros
Revengers of Montezuma
Rio Grande Rustlers
Roy Rogers Rangers
Sand Creek Shadow Riders

Thurmont Mounted Rangers

Please note that not all clubs are listed.  Some clubs I only have the name of the person and not the club name.  If your club isn't listed and you have the SASS Premier scoring system please e-mail me CD Tom and I'll be sure to get you listed.  


SASS Premier Scoring System

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