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What's new in the latest version

Ver 25.1


1.  The latest update caused a real problem in the Match final reports for Total Time matches.  Some how the reports are not sorting by match final, so the reports are coming out wrong.  

2.  The Wild Bunch score by points was also coming up with the match final not sorting.

Ver 25.2

1.  Because of the limit some email providers have I have setup the Special Email in the All Shooters, Current Match and the State Selection to give you a choice to create groups. Say if you select current match to send the match results to and there were  over 100 shooters you will get the option to create groupds, same with the All Shooters selection.

2.  I also add the group selection to the Except Main Match, and Except Wild Bunch. Also I've add totals at the bottom of the group selection screen. So if you are setting up your own groups you will be able to tell how many you have put in each group.

3.  I've added a zip code select to the Special email, you can now select by a given zip code or multiple zip codes.  The program will put the selected zip codes into the email groups starting with group 1. When the count for any group is greater than 50 the selected  zip codes will start another group until all 4 groups are used.

4.  I have added the zip code to the Create Email Groupings section of the form. You can also sort the zip codes by clicking on the heading zip code.

5.  Fixed an error that occured when you changed the SASS# in the Assign Posse screen by double clicking on the Alias and then change the SASS#.  

6.  When printing the Packet Labels a label for conventioneers was produced with no Posse, category because there is none assigned.  The system will now put conventioneer in the Category field.

7.  When printing the Confirmation letters you now have the option to include the Conventioneers with the regular letters.  The title Conventioneer will show up by the Category field.  If you want this to be part of your confirmation letter you will need to add the merge field Title to your letter.  You can still print the conventioneer letters the old way by selecting that from the Special  Reports in the Report Menu.

Ver 25.3

1.  Did some updating to the Club billing section of the program. Hopefully this along with the tutorial video on YouTub will clear up the club billing in the program.

2.  When setting up family members if you register one of the family members into a match you can double click on the family member and register them also.  If you select the group with previous the program will put the posse with in both shooters posse with section.

Ver 25.4

1.  Added an option to delete the .csv files that are imported from ACES.  This will mean that when you bring in your next match from ACES you will be sure to get the latest scores and not from the last match.  Remember you can always get them back from your email.

2.  Added a couple of reports that will show you if you are missing a state code or sex code.  Also lots of time a shooter has the wrong sex code especially in the ladies category example a Mail shooter has a category of Ladies senior, this causes lots of problems.  In the Special Reports drop down menu there is a selection called ZZ Check Master this will produce two reports one for the missing State and Sex code the other will show all the ladies category for those with a sex code of M.

Ver 25.5

1.  Fix a problem with the clear release date.  Also set up a option to clear all club member information and their family members, this is located in the additional match options section of the Match setup.

2.  Fixed an error in the special email, if you selected club Members only you would not get any emails sent. There was a error in that statement that didn't select anybody.

3.  Fixed an error in the RV section of the program.

Ver 25.6

1.  You can now load the program on any drive on your system.  This is usually done at installation but if you move the complete sass Premier directory the system will find the database when you first start the program.  

2.  Have added a sort to the category field in the Posse assignment screen.

Ver 25.7

1.  If anybody is using the practice score web based program I have come up with a conversion so if you want to have your shooters register online through the practice score website the SASS Program will be able to take the registration file and load the data.  If you are using this please contact me so we can discuss the best way to set up the practive score registration form.

2.  There was an error in the add new shooter section of the program.  You could add new information but if you tried to register a shooter into the match the category and fee amount would work but then the screen would freeze up and you would have to exit.  You could then go into the register shooter bring up the shooter and finish the registration.  Well I found the problem and that is now fixed.

3.  Fixed the Shooters badges section to show the Guest badges.

4.  Changed the Badge list to include the Guest badge name next to the shooter who requested it.

5.  Match final report was not printing in Alias sequence when you selected Sort by Alias.

6.  When adding a family member if the Mbr type wasn't selected you would get an error.  Now the system will take care of the Mbr type by adding Family to the membership type.  Family must be in the Membership type section of the program.  The program comes with this membership type as a default.  If you don't use if do not remove it from the Membership type table.

Ver 25.8

1.  Have made modifications to the financial section of he program. These modifications included fixing some of the reports to better reflect the financial information you collect with the program.


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