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Smoke in the Woods 2012

Our Smoke in the Woods Shoot was this weekend and despite one day of torrential downpours and one day of gorgeous 80 degree weather everything went off without a hitch. Today it was so nice that I was able to take my computer out on the range and enter the last posses scores as they shot them. They called me a 'gamer'.

The SASS scoring program worked flawlessly. I like the BW awards listing pages. Thanks again for making my job so easy.
Miss Bonnie


Coal Valley Hoss SASS#26523L
(Border Wars)
I have tried multiple software packages to try and make the job of scoring simpler and faster. Ive tried purchased software, free software, and home-grown software (my own Excel spreadsheets). After 3 years of frustration, I discovered CD Toms scoring software, once set up the software allows you to score a match faster than a cowboy can empty his sixgun.

Dazee Bristol
(Hell on Wheels)
I have had the opportunity to use four different CAS scoring programs, CD Toms program will do it all for the small match all the way to the large match. We had 400 shooters last year and it handled everything very efficiently.

Mid Valley Drifter SASS #35724
(Oregon Old West Shooting Society)
The SASS Premier Scoring & Match Management System designed by CD Tom has taken our club to new heights. It has allowed us to become more organized then ever before. Tracking shooter information has never been easier. Anything you need for a match, whether it's a local, annual, state, regional or higher this program does it all. You can score by total time, rank points or rank by category depending on what your club prefers. Match results are easy to compute in a very short period of time. We are able to get awards out in half the time now by printing ribbon labels with a simple click of a button. Match registration and posse assignments are easy to do also. The program has many useful detailed reports to choose from. You can print ID badges, dinner tickets, confirmation letters and even track vendors' information. With a simple click of a button you can print reports showing your top lady shooters, regional winners, side match results, personal and stage score cards, etc, etc. I highly recommend this program to all clubs. A much needed tool for any successful CAS organization.


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